Rare Earth: Antarctica

Rare Earth was a creative collaboration between a team of scientists and artists Bridget Roseberry and Katrina Slack, investigating climate and environmental change in the Antarctic. The collaboration explored worlds under the microscope, on the surface of the ice, in the ocean and on the ocean floor. This exhibition draws attention to the effects of climate change on the Antarctic environment and in turn, the impact these changes have on the planet as a whole.

The artists used iceberg sediment brought back from Antarctica by the research team, mixed as a medium with paint and ceramics to inform and make their work.

The exhibition was originally to be shown at the Environmental and Sustainability Institute at Exeter University in April 2020 but due to the pandemic was presented as an online event, which can be viewed by clicking on this link:


Bridget Roseberry, Untitled, 2020, Oil paint on board, 50 x 60 cm